The Black Edit has just released their debut E-Book:

10 Steps to Your New Home Design.


This extensive e-book is being produced

with the everyday Australian in mind.

To offer a helping hand and guide them through the often- overwhelming process of building a new home.


That's me, Jordan, the founder of The Black Edit. I'm an interior designer and stylist with a deep love for the darkest colour in the spectrum.

Now I'm not going to come in and insist you make every surface in your home black, but I do love to add just a touch of it into as many projects as I can.

The colour black, like in fashion, will always be in style! It is chic and timeless, and can be as contemporary, classic, or as edgy as you want it to be!

I'm passionate about creating beautiful spaces that make you feel at ease, and would love to chat with you about your next project!

jordan xx

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